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Circutor eNext Single-Phase AC Charging Station (7.4kW)

Circutor eNext Single-Phase AC Charging Station (7.4kW)

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The eNext Charging Station is a simple and easy-to-use Wallbox for home environments.

With a modern and minimalist design, the new eNext range is the best indoor charging option. It has an intuitive-to-use APP for monitoring charging, remote activation of charging, time programming to adapt charging to hourly energy rates and diagnostics and firmware updates.

Thanks to its compatibility with the CirBEON device , which manages the power to be supplied to the vehicle depending on the available power, the eNext charger is considered ideal for the domestic sector.


5 meter Type 2 cable

6ma direct current leak detector.

Charges up to 7.4kW (Single phase at 32A).

Charge status indication.

Adjustable maximum power.

Compatible with all EV and PHEV vehicles

APP to control and configure the station.

    • Authentication by presence detection.
    • remote activation of the load via external On/Off input signal.
    • Timetable to adapt loads to energy tariffs.
    • Remote monitoring of charge status.
    • station diagnostics.

Options available to order :

CirBEON sensor that allows you to automatically share the available power with your home.

3-year warranty with possibility of expansion to 5 years.

Possibility of mounting on a wall or on an original Circutor pedestal.

Power Sharing with the Installation:

The Circutor eNext allows the available electrical power to be shared with all electrical equipment in the property where it is installed.

General Specifications:

Type2 connector (mennekes) and socket

Size 200x335x315mm and Weight 4kg

CE: IEC61851-1 / IEC61851-22 / IEC62196-1 / IEC62196-2

Electrical Specifications:

Charging Protocol: IEC 61851-1(Mode 3)

Maximum power (7.4kW), Input voltage (400V), Configurable current (6A to 32A), Single-phase connection.

Protection: IP54 / IK10

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