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EVBox Elvi Three-Phase AC Charging Station (11kW)

EVBox Elvi Three-Phase AC Charging Station (11kW)

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The EVBox Elvi is a smart home charging solution that features reliability and a simple, modular design.

The EVBox Elvi charging station is designed for all electric cars, today and in the future. Thanks to its simple installation and upgrade options, the wallbox can be perfectly adjusted to your needs.

A durable design

Elvi's modular, weather-resistant design minimizes the need for maintenance. Updates are child's play thanks to simple "click-on" options. The additionally available EVBox Elvi cable holder is a practical solution for safely storing the charging cable and plug.

Simple operation using the LED display

The EVBox Elvi uses colors on the LED ring to communicate its operating status. This allows you to see again when the charging station is ready to run, charge or queue, or if a failure has occurred.

RFID reader function

With the RFID reader function, you can ensure that the only people charging are those who are authorized to do so. RFID cards can be easily added using the EVBox Charge app (available on the App Store and Google Play).

Simple installation with the EVBox Connect-App

The EVBox Connect-App (Apple store & Google Store) is available as a tool that the installer can use to quickly and accurately configure their charging station. The app's functions include setting the charging station's maximum current, assigning the correct charging management platform, and configuring the auto-start function.

Electrical Characteristics:

Power: 11kW

Connector: Type 2 Cable (mennekes)


Weight: 7kg

Dimensions: 186 x 328 x 161 mm

Color: Polar white (RAL 9003)

Cable Dimension: 6 m

Installation: Mural

Material: Polycarbonate

Security and Certificates:

Certification: CE and UL

Temperature: -25°C to +45°C


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