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Hager Three-Phase Magneto-Thermal Circuit Breaker C Curve

Hager Three-Phase Magneto-Thermal Circuit Breaker C Curve

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Nominal Intensity

Hager's Curve C magneto-thermal circuit breaker is recommended for protecting all electric vehicle charging stations connected to a three-phase circuit.


This type of circuit breaker has three functions:

  • Maneuver (voluntary opening or closing of the circuit)
  • Short circuit protection.
  • Overload protection.

Technical characteristics


Neutral position Left
Number of protected poles 3
No. of 4P poles
Pole type 3P+N
Curve C


Alignment of the lower terminals for modular devices: Travel terminals
Alignment of the upper terminals for modular devices: Terminal Shifted

Main electrical characteristics

Operating frequency 50/60 Hz
Stipulated cutting power 4.5 kA
AC supply voltage type
Stipulated alternating voltage for use 400/415 V


Stipulated insulation voltage 500 V
Maximum operating voltage 253 V
Stipulated shock resistance voltage 4000 V

Electric current

Stipulated cutting power 230V 50Hz 6 kA
Service breaking power according to EN60898 6 kA
Service cut-off power according to EC 947.2 50Hz 75%
Pdc limit at ac 230V (EN 60947-2) 10 kA
Pdc last at ac 240V (NF EN 60947-2) 10 kA
Min/max magnetic operation level value in alternating 5/10 In
Min/max level value of thermal operation in alternation 1.13/1.45 In

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