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Single-phase and three-phase Hager Differential TypeA/AC30mA

Single-phase and three-phase Hager Differential TypeA/AC30mA

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Nominal Intensity

Hyper Immunized differential protection for protection during charging of electric vehicles.

Recommended for protecting charging stations with DC leak detection.


HI type differential switches are suitable for electrical equipment that contains devices capable of producing fault currents with a direct component.

HI (Hyper Immunized): These are devices that have ''reinforced immunity'', reducing untimely shooting situations, protecting equipment that generates disturbances (micro computer, electronic ballasts,...)

Technical characteristics


Neutral position Left
No. of 2P/4P poles
Pole type 1P+N/3P+N
DIN rail fixing mode


Alignment of the lower terminals for modular devices
Aligned terminals
Alignment of the upper terminals for modular devices
Aligned terminal

Main electrical characteristics

Operating frequency 50 Hz
AC supply voltage type
Stipulated alternating voltage for use 230 V


Stipulated insulation voltage 500 V
Maximum operating voltage 253 V
Stipulated shock resistance voltage 4000 V

Electric current

Differential sensitivity 30 mA
Shock wave resistance 5 kA
Closing and cutting power 1250 A
Conditional short circuit current assigned Inc according to EN 61008-1

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