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Differential Circutor IDA-EV Single-Phase and Three-Phase Type A-EV/AC30mA/DC6mA

Differential Circutor IDA-EV Single-Phase and Three-Phase Type A-EV/AC30mA/DC6mA

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Nominal chain

The best differential protection to protect your installation against direct current leaks when charging electric vehicles.

Recommended for protecting charging stations that do not have direct current leak detection.


The IDA-EV is a type A differential switch with 6 mA sensitivity, direct current, for use in electric vehicle chargers. Compact device, with cutting power that provides differential protection with sensitivity of 30 mA and sensitivity of 6 mA, in direct current, for electrical installations dedicated to charging electric vehicles. Available in ratings of 40 and 63 A nominal current, for three-phase and single-phase connections. Ensures adequate protection at electric vehicle charging points in accordance with the IEC 62955 standard.


Device created specifically for the differential protection of installations dedicated to electric vehicle charging.

Electrical Characteristics

Nominal voltage (Un) 400/415 Vac
Nominal current (In) 40, 63 A
Frequency 50/60 Hz (depending on model)
Protection capacity (wave type) Alternating, pulsating and dc current.
Assigned insulation voltage (Ui) 440 V
Assigned impulse voltage (1.2/50 μs) 4 kV
Electrical insulation Distance between contacts > 4 mm
Differential current sensitivity (IΔn) 30 mA
DC current trigger sensitivity (IΔndc) 6 mAdc
Assigned conditional short-circuit current (Icn) 10 kA
Assigned opening capacity (Im) 630 A
Backup fuse for short circuit protection 80 A gG
Minimum operating voltage 80 V
Operating temperature -25…65 ºC
Storage temperature -40…85 ºC
Mechanical life 10,000 cycles
Electrical life 2,000 cycles

Mechanical characteristics

Frame size 45 mm
Height 68 mm (DIN rail according
with EN60715)
Width 72 mm (4 Modules)
IP degree of protection IP 20
CAT III installation category
Cable section capacity 1-25 mm2
Terminal type M5 (Pozidrive PZ2)
Maximum torque 3 Nm


Equipment requirements IEC/EN 61008, IEC 62955
Vibration resistance 5g (50, 60 & 500 Hz) IEC 60068-2-7
Shock and impact resistance IEC/EN 61008-1

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