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Greencell T2/T2 32A Three-Phase AC Charging Cable (22kW) + Bag

Greencell T2/T2 32A Three-Phase AC Charging Cable (22kW) + Bag

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Three-Phase Public Charging Cable for Electric Vehicles - Type2 (mennekes) / Type2 (mennekes) 5 or 7 meters long and Transport Bag.

This cable allows you to charge all Electric Vehicles and Plug-In Hybrids with Type2 connector (Mennekes)

Single-phase version allows charging up to 22kW (32A Single-phase)

The three-phase cable has 5 x 6mm² conductors in the 32A version, allowing 3 x 32A of current, which represents a load capacity of 22 kW.

Of course it is perfectly possible to charge at 16 or 32A with this cable!

Greencell - High Quality European Made Cable

Charging cable with uCharge guarantee for electric vehicles with Type2 connector (mennekes) and for connection to chargers with Type2 socket (mennekes), which allows a three-phase connection of up to 32A, which is equivalent to a maximum charging power of 22kW.

Allows you to charge your vehicle in mode 3 on the Portuguese public charging infrastructure, and in most European countries.

Along with your charging cable, you will receive a convenient uCharge carrying case.

The Type2 connectors (mennekes) for connection to the electric vehicle and the charging station have low contact resistance and are tested for 10,000 coupling cycles. It is available for certified three-phase charging systems up to 32A.

Main Features:

Manufacturer: Greencell

32A charging cable

Charger connector: IEC 62196 (type 2)

Vehicle connector: IEC 62196 (type 2)

Maximum voltage: 400V

Reliable, robust and low resistance contacts (100mA)

High grip ergonomic PBT handles

Anti tension system in the cable

Wear-resistant and robust

Approx. 10,000 cycles of use \nSealed to meet and exceed UL50 certification

CE certified

UL certificate: file number E330790

Attention: An EV charging cable is not an extension cable: Please note that these cables are not extension cables and can only be used to connect your electric vehicle directly to a charging station. Connecting 2 cables will not work!

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