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Wallbox Pulsar Pro Three-Phase AC Charging Station (22kW)

Wallbox Pulsar Pro Three-Phase AC Charging Station (22kW)

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A new solution for shared spaces

Designed for both companies and electric vehicle drivers, Pulsar Pro is the new shared charging solution designed to fit perfectly into condominiums, workplaces and fleets.

All the features of Pulsar Plus plus RFID and NFC card reader, 4G communications, myWallbox Business, improved CPU and greater ease of installation,

Faster installation

  • Pre-configured 4G connectivity with a data plan offers a turnkey installation, which reduces commissioning time and potential errors.
  • Support plate on the back to make installation as easy as possible.

Remote management

  • myWallbox business offers charger management, payments, user access, reports and much more.
  • OCPP compatible for integration into any back-end system.

Improved service and maintenance

  • 4G connectivity allows you to perform remote software updates.
  • Reinforced Security prevents unauthorized manipulations, physical damage and cyber attacks.
  • The charging cable can be easily replaced if damaged.

Cost optimization

  • Dynamic Power Sharing for up to 100 chargers translates into greater energy efficiency and lower costs.
  • Internal meter with less than 2% error improves the accuracy of energy transfers.


  • 4G for maximum connectivity, minimal interruptions and increased uptime.

  • The rugged design offers protection against extreme weather, water, dust and impacts.

  • Advanced CPU for faster processing speeds and better performance.

Ease of use

  • Attractive, compact design with intuitive Halo Light to show charging status.

  • Simple authentication and payments with RFID, NFC and myWallbox app.


  • Encrypted communication to protect personal data

Advanced Functions


Charge multiple vehicles in your building without commitment

The dynamic power sharing function monitors the energy available in your building and distributes it to all connected EVs. There are no expensive infrastructure upgrades required and you don’t have to worry about overloading your electrical installation. Now you can distribute the available energy to charge up to 100 EV at once, without worrying about overload spikes.

*Requires a power meter


Get superior charging speeds without high installation prices

Always charge at the highest speed possible without having to upgrade your electrical panel. This dynamic load balancing technology ensures that you never exceed your home's existing power limit when charging.

*Requires a power meter


Harness the full power of your solar panels with solar charging for electric vehicles

Avoid high grid energy prices when you charge your EV with 100% solar energy or with a balance of solar and grid energy. It's your choice.

*Requires a power meter


Up to 22 kW of power ( Adjustable from 6 A to 32 A)

198mm x 201mm x 99mm and 1.3kg (without cable)

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth compatibility

Pre-configured 4G

Compatible with all Wallbox energy management solutions

Internal counter with margin of error less than 2%


Easy-to-install backplate

Optimized security

Matte, black or gray finish

IP55/IK10 for indoor and outdoor installation

5 m type 2 cable (7 m option)

Fault protection with integrated PEN conductor (UK only)

Improved Power Sharing (up to 100 chargers)

3P Eco-Smart

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