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Urban Three-Phase Double Circutor AC Charging Station (2x22kW)

Urban Three-Phase Double Circutor AC Charging Station (2x22kW)

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It is a floor-mounted Charging Station capable of charging two vehicles simultaneously and sharing power, with advanced communication capabilities, interior protections and mid meter.

It can be used in private, public and DPC charging.

The posts URBAN were created to guarantee a robust solution for charging in public access environments, capable of resisting different environmental conditions and possible acts of vandalism, thus providing a simplified installation and maintenance process for operators.

The equipment URBAN facilitate charging tasks for different EV users, incorporating all the necessary electrical protections to guarantee complete safety inside an aluminum metal body. They can have type 1, type 2 cables or Type 2 sockets and/or Schuko sockets in different combinations, allowing charging in Mode 1-2 and Mode 3 depending on the selected configuration.

The series URBAN 20 was designed for complex applications where it is necessary to offer the maximum services required by the market, where management and monitoring with remote control is required, or where it is necessary to be integrated into management platforms based on the OCPP 1.5 or 1.6 protocol.

Designed for public use outdoors, it can be installed on public roads, hotels, shopping centers, supermarkets, among others.

Includes two AC chargers with a maximum power of 22kW each.

Floor installation


Semi-fast charging up to 22kW per socket;

Variable charging speed (6A -32A );

Screen with charging information;

Robust and anti-vandalism;

Protections incorporated inside to further reinforce the system;

Easy and economical maintenance. It has an access door;

Possibility of interconnection with the OCPP protocol;

RFID module for access control;

3G communications module (Optional);


Overvoltage Protection (DSP): IEC 61643-1 Transient Overvoltage Protector (Class II), (Optional)
Overcurrent protection: PIA 40 A (curve C)
Power balance between outlets: 1
Cable: connector type: Socket Type 2 or Cable Type 2
I max. output (A): 32
Charging Mode: Mode 3 (IEC 61851-1)
Number of doses: 2
Max power output (kW): 22
Voltage: 400V ~ ± 10%


Size (mm) width x alt. x depth: 382 x 928 x 222 (mm)
Enclosure: Aluminum and ABS
Cable section in current terminals: 25 mm2
Fixing: Wall (Mural)
Weight (kg): 33


Degree of protection: IP 54 / IK10
Relative humidity (non-condensing): 5 … 95 %
Storage temperature: -20 … +60 ºC
Working temperature: -5 … +45 ºC


Protocol: OCPP
Type: Ethernet 10/100 Base TX (TCP/IP)
Speed: 4G / 3G / GPRS / GSM (optional)


Electrical safety, Installation category: CAT III 300 V
Standards: IEC 61851-1, IEC 61851-22, IEC 62196-1, IEC 62196-2, Directive 2014/35/EU, LVD; 2014/30/EU, EMC


Insulation class: Double-insulated electric shock protection class II (IEC 61010)


RFID: ISO/IEC 14443 A/B, MIFARE Classic / Desfire EV1 ISO 18092 / ECMA-340, NFC 13.56 MHz
LED: RGB charge status light indication
Display type: Multilingual LCD


Climate heater: -25 … +45 ºC (Optional)
Energy measurement: Class 1 MID meter, UNE-EN 50470-3


Trigger curve type: MCB (C Curve)


Safety relay type (class): RCD Type A (30 mA) RCD Type A (30 mA) with automatic reconnection (optional) RCD Type B (optional) RCD Type B with automatic reconnection (optional)
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