Solution for Condominiums

Ordinary garages bring unique challenges when implementing electric mobility.

uCharge has solutions designed exclusively for application in condominiums with common garages of all sizes.

The main challenges are having enough power for all condominium owners who want to charge their vehicles, having a solution in which the distribution of costs is simple, efficient and transparent combined with the specificity of each case.

Contact us and we will be ready to provide a solution designed specifically for your condominium.

Available power management

Our power management system allows all vehicles to be charged simultaneously, automatically dividing power equally between all vehicles and protecting the electrical installation from overloads.

Independent electrical installation

In common garages, charging electric vehicles involves the simultaneous use of several vehicles in the same installation, which in most cases was not designed for this use.

Ecologically Smart

Position your condominium as “Eco-friendly”, increase its ecological sustainability and help reduce its carbon footprint. Join the mobility revolution.

Cost control per user

Our system is prepared to allocate usage and consumption costs to each user with greater transparency and convenience, facilitating a good experience in the condominium.

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