Why do you need a uCharge charging station?

Why do you need a charging station?

Speed: With a uCharge charging station you can charge your vehicle up to 10x faster than using a regular socket.

Comfort: The constant routine of tidying and unpacking the home charger, with its heavy transformer and cable, can be replaced by simply removing it from the support and connecting the charging station cable to the vehicle.

Security: Most domestic installations are not prepared to be used at maximum capacity for so many hours.
Your electric vehicle is the equivalent of connecting a powerful electric kettle and demands maximum capacity from the installation and socket.
From the diameter of the wiring, the connections in the boxes and the socket itself, everything will be taken to the extreme, resulting in very high heat.
The older the installation, the more danger it will be in.
When assembling a charging station, uCharge technicians evaluate the entire installation, proposing any changes if necessary, in addition to the fact that our stations are completely adjustable to the capacity and power of your installation, so that you do not run any risks.

Savings: With a uCharge charging station you won't need to have your vehicle charging every hour, which allows you to explore empty times, and with our stations you can choose at what time it will operate, allowing for substantial cost savings. of energy.

Maintaining your battery: Charging with a household outlet is limited to charging and stopping when the battery is full.
With a uCharge charging station, communication between the vehicle and the battery is bidirectional and the station adjusts charging according to the battery's needs, allowing it to remain in perfect condition for much longer.

Safety of your vehicle: If you've had household appliances break down due to fluctuations or peaks in the grid, would you be willing to take the same risk with your car?
uCharge charging stations protect vehicles from any network anomalies, ensuring the health and integrity of your battery.

If you detect any incorrect information or require any additional information, you can contact us to geral@ucharge.pt

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