Be careful when charging your electric vehicle at home

Nightly charging at home is the most economical solution as you can benefit from special rates for empty periods, as well as the most convenient way as it is during a part of the day when we do not need the vehicle for an extended period of time.

This solution causes increased pressure on the installation of your home, not only due to the large powers involved but also due to the long periods in which these are required.

Due to this situation, you should always analyze the installation to ensure safety when charging your vehicle. Likewise, you should always observe the information contained in the vehicle manual regarding the different possible charging methods.

Vehicle manufacturers normally provide a charger for connection to a traditional socket, but warn that this solution should only be used in extreme situations and after checking the existing installation.

The ideal solution always involves carrying out an electrical installation solely for charging the electric vehicle, including all recommended protections, and if you need to shorten charging times, purchasing a charging station.

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