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Wallbox Copper SB Three-Phase AC Charging Station (22kW)

Wallbox Copper SB Three-Phase AC Charging Station (22kW)

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Durable and flexible electric vehicle charging

The Wallbox Copper SB was designed to provide versatility, reliability and elegance to companies looking to electrify their commercial parking lots.

The Copper SB charger guarantees the satisfaction of EV drivers thanks to its integrated socket, allowing electric vehicle charging for any electric vehicle on the market. Choose who accesses your charger with the RFID card reader and easily connect to the charger with the myWallbox app.

Compact and resistant

Its incredible design has achieved IK10 certification, making it ideal for outdoor environments.

Easy to install

Its cutout system and easy handling allow for effortless and quick implementation of multiple charging points.


Achieving high charger uptime is possible with the remote operation tools on the myWallbox platform and its multiple connectivity options.


Its socket allows any EV to be charged. The cable lock feature allows you to switch between the plug and plug-in charger to suit every need.

Flexibility that adapts to your needs

Copper SB enables endless possibilities thanks to the right combination of hardware and software features:


Compatible with EV Type 1 and Type 2. The charging cable can be locked/unlocked via myWallbox as well as via OCPP.

Durable & Reliable

Certified as water and dust resistant with protection rating IP54 and IK10.

RFID card reader

Compatible with your employee's company cards and cards from major mobility providers.

Connectivity options

Copper SB is always connected, thanks to Wi-Fi, Ethernet, 4G or Bluetooth connectivity.

Advanced Functions


Charge multiple vehicles in your building without commitment

The dynamic power sharing function monitors the energy available in your building and distributes it to all connected EVs. There are no expensive infrastructure upgrades required and you don’t have to worry about overloading your electrical installation. Now you can distribute the available energy to charge up to 100 EV at once, without worrying about overload spikes.

*Requires a power meter


Get superior charging speeds without high installation prices

Always charge at the highest speed possible without having to upgrade your electrical panel. This dynamic load balancing technology ensures that you never exceed your home's existing power limit when charging.

*Requires a power meter


Harness the full power of your solar panels with solar charging for electric vehicles

Avoid high grid energy prices when you charge your EV with 100% solar energy or with a balance of solar and grid energy. It's your choice.

*Requires a power meter


Charger: AC
Black color
Connector Type: Type 2 Socket
Charging mode: (IEC 61851-1) Mode 3
Dimensions: 260 x 192 x 113 mm
Weight: 2kg
Operating temperature: -25 ºC to 40 ºC
CE Mark Standards: (LVD 2014/35/EU, EMCD 2014/30/EU),EC 61851-1, IEC 61851-21-2, IEC 62196-2
Maximum charging power: 22 kW (three-phase)
Rated AC voltage + 10%: 400 V
Nominal current: 32 A (both single-phase and three-phase)
Cable section: Up to 5x10mm2
Configurable current: from 6 A to nominal current
Protection rating: IP54 / IK10
Outbreak category: CAT III
Residual current detection: DC 6 mA
Connectivity: 3G/4G (optional)/Wi-Fi/Ethernet/ connectivity. bluetooth
User identification: RFID Card/myWallbox App
User interface: myWallbox app and portal
Charger status information: RGB LED/myWallbox app and portal
Compatible Features: Eco-Smart / Power Sharing / Power Boost / Dynamic Power Sharing / MID Counter / Charging Cable Lock
Communication protocol: myWallbox / OCPP 1.6j
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